How it works - Lowest Unique Auction Bid site with two winners per Auction

The Video below shows how to play our lowest unique bidding auction:

The image shoes two users who have purchased the items by bidding 0,02 and 0,04 cents. In fact two and four cents are the two lowest unique bids closest to one cent even though there were two lower bids at 0,01 and 0,03 cents, but not unique bids.

Only the
SUPER PRIZE allows a single user to win the item (basiclly  the user who placed the lowest unique bid).

Our rebate bids are considered purchased "in the dark" or unknown bids throughout the entire period of the Auction. Each time a player places a Bid, AsteReverse also maintains an information cost. The information costs will inform you regarding the position and state of your Bid compared to those placed by other customers.

  • Lowest  "Unique Bids" ( Lowest individual bids )
By participating a lowest unique rebate auction site the customer has the opportunity to purchase an item at a lower price compared to the standard market. All bids are stated in Euro cents. The customer/s who bid/s the two lowest unique bids closest to 1 cent will win the items at the bidded price. In the case of one lowest unique bid there will be only one winner. In the event that there does not exist a lowest unique bid, the two lowest bidders will win the item.

  • Multiple Bids

When a customer places a multiple bid he/she will succeed in bidding all positions between a range of two numbers with one single bid (example 0,01 to 0,09 cents). In this case the software will automatically generate multiple bids as follows: 1 cent, 2 cents, 3 cents, 4 cents, 5 cents, 6 cents, 7 cents, 8 cents and 9 cents for a total of 9 bids. Each bid will have a corresponding Information cost x 9 that will inform you on the situation of every single bid. Multiple offers can be unlimited but can only be made within 100 range at a time. In this case the consumer will pay for 9 "Information costs."

  • How to Place bids

To place a bid the customer must be registered to the site and have credits deposited in his/hers account. Credits are needed to place bids and receive "Information costs" related to single or multiple bids. The Credits can be free of charge or purchased.

  • Monthly Credit Chart

The total amount of credits purchased and bidded by a single individual will automatically participate in the Monthly Credit Chart. The customer/s will be positioned in a general monthly credit chart and he/she will compete to win monthly prizes as shown in the news box at the top of the Monthly Credit Chart page.

  • Terminated Auctions, charges and shipping methods

Shipping costs vary between 6.50 euro to 30.00 euro, depending on the article (such terms do not include vehicles, motorcycles, scooters, etc.. which are picked up directly at the pointed out dealerships). Shipment costs are paid upon delivery. The offered amount will be deducted directly from the users account or added to the shipment cost. Delivery is within three working days from the terminated auction date.

If you have questions or doubts please consults the General Rules and Terms & Conditions.

  • Users who top up at least 300,00 Euro
    will receive THREE times the amount

  • Today all Users will receive DOUBLE the amount deposited

  • Users who top up at least 300,00 Euro
    will receive THREE times the amount
  • Rolex Submariner
  • Expiring date : 26/02/2018 19.00
  • Item Value : 6990,00 €
  • Info Cost : 0,75 €
Temp. Winner : Matte90
Monthly Credit Chart
  • 1 rosagialla 3570,50 €
  • 2 casale.dark 3074,00 €
  • 3 trygno 2898,00 €
  • 4 margiropulos 2893,00 €
  • 5 montanna75 2808,00 €
  • 6 Cannone88 2262,50 €
  • 7 tombo2008 1707,00 €
Complete Chart
Aste terminate
  • 17/02/2018 15.00.00
  • albertario from  Milano   purchased Jolly Credit 750  at  4,52 €
  • -----------------------------
  • 17/02/2018 15.00.00
  • gattosilvestri from  MONTEFALCO PG   purchased Jolly Credit 750  at  7,99 €
  • -----------------------------
  • 17/02/2018 10.00.00
  • abachille from  Cava Dei Tirreni   purchased Apple iPad Pro 128Gb  at  0,33 €
  • -----------------------------
  • 17/02/2018 10.00.00
  • abachille from  Cava Dei Tirreni   purchased Apple iPad Pro 128Gb  at  0,34 €
  • -----------------------------
  • 16/02/2018 12:32:39
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